Metta Makers 10.21.17 Visual Display Set

I was provided with the incredible opportunity to curate a multimedia set for an amazing metta makers  event on October 21. I want to say thanks so much to everyone involved with the event, specifically @travelwith_dylan for putting it all together. My designs among many others were featured behind live sets by @_kia_music and @lunarsundance- would definitely recommend giving them a listen!! 

I've also put together a collaborative spotify playlist to go with the visuals so please feel free to add your faves! All recommended songs are included in the mix.

Here is the set playlist with links!! <3

Synaptic was my first creation, an experimental video remix.

recommended listen: tea leaf dancers by flying lotus 

Jump Cut was my second piece in the set! 

recommended listen: computer face // pure being by flying lotus 

BONUS VIDEO that I made by remixing all of my material!! 

recommended listens: Ttktv by Injury Reserve 

Ocean by JMSN

Cadillac Dreams by SiR & Big K.R.I.T

Commodo- Hadi Hadi Ah- video by the legendary Ruffmercy

Automatic Deliriums- awesome collage animation by Dedo Ciego

Music video for RIVE- Vogue. Crazy art by Julie Joseph !!

Music Video for Kingdom Crumbs- Evoking Spirits. Hypnotic Animation by Ori toor 

Another one of mine is Spook Loop, a halloween themed piece inspired by inktober! The lovechild of toonboom and after effects. 

recommended listen: no sass by photay

tesla by flying lotus  

This CRAZY video is definitely enhanced by its soundtrack. Bulgarian artist Theodore Ushev skillfully manipulates hand-painted imagery to turn this melodic symphony into a trippy sensory experience.  

The delightful insanity of "Slowly Rising" was created by Hideki Inaba- totally otherworldly. 

Another gem by Ruffmercy for "Time Off", a track off of Washed Out's experimental visual album "Mister Mellow". 

Thanks for watching and there will be more to come soon!